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LOW Industries

A great Update for “The Great” Greeter

    LOW Industries - The Great Greeter (comparison between old and new device)

    Great news for the lovers of “The Great” Greeter: the most loved dollarbie of the metaverse has just been updated to version 3.0!

    As usual, the owners of the previous versions will be able to update the device for free: just click on “The Great” Greeter and select OPTIONS > UPDATE.

    What’s new:

    • “The Great” Greeter has a new shape! A more detailed appearance that matches the style of the other devices from LOW Industries, with the same prim count of the older versions (1 prim).
    • The Greeter can now be set to scan the whole parcel and the sky above.
    • It’s now possible to send the guests a folder with a customized name, that includes miscellaneous items.
    • The Greeter does not reset the scripts everytime it is rezzed.
    • A bug that caused mistakes in the count of the visitors was fixed.
    • The Show/Hide button was removed from the menu. Was it really needed?
    • ApexBots are no more supported.
    • Includes better instructions, link to the online manual and a new update system.
    • Performance of the scripts improved.

    Do you know what’s the best news? If you do not have one already, you can still buy it both on the Marketplace and inworld for L$1!