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LOW Industries

How to edit a configuration notecard

    Low Industries devices can be easily configured without any scripting knowledge.

    Here is how to find, edit and configure a configuration notecard:

    1. Right click on the device you want to configure, then click on “Edit”.
    2. While in edit mode, open the “Content” tab: you will see the scripts and the other items that are used by the device to work.
    3. Find the notecard named “#CONFIGURATION”, then double click on it to see its content.
    4. Just read the notecard and edit the configuration parameters as described by the detailed instructions.
      Configuration parameters are always marked with a hash (#), don’t delete it. You have to edit the values written after the equal (=).
    5. Once all the configuration parameters are set as you want, just save the notecard and close it.
    6. Reset the device, if required.