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LOW Industries

“The Clever” Application Board – User Guide

    LOW Industries - The Clever Application Board


    1. Click on the Application Board and select “APPLY” or, if a payment is required, right click on the Board and pay the amount.
    2. Take the Info card from the board. Read it well as it may contain important info from the employer.
    3. Select the button “Load appl.” from the menu of the Application Board.
    4. Click on “Load items”: you will have 2 minutes to load your application. *
    5. Open your inventory and make sure that the notecards and textures you want to load are both copy and transfer.
    6. Hold down Ctrl key on your keyboard, then drag your items from your inventory onto the Application Board. **
    7. Once you’ve loaded all the items, click on “Ready” or just wait until the end of the countdown.
    8. If your application is accepted, the employer or a manager will contact you. If you don’t receive a reply before the expiry of your application, you can consider your application rejected.

    Good luck!

    * If you need more time to load your application, click again on “Load appl.” to restart the timer.

    ** If you want to remove the loaded contents, click on “Clear items”.