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LOW Industries

“The Excellent” AD Board – User Guide

    LOW Industries - The Excellent AD Board


    1. Rent an AD Board.
    2. Select the button “CONTENTS” from the menu of the AD Board.
    3. Click on “Load items”, you will have 2 minutes to load your advertisement.1
    4. Open your inventory and make sure that the items you want to load are both copy and transfer for the next owner.
    5. Hold down Ctrl key on your keyboard, then drag your items (one at a time) from your inventory onto the AD Board.2
    6. Once you’ve loaded all the objects3, click on “Ready” or just wait until the end of the countdown.

    1. If you need more time to load your advertisement, click again on “Load items” to restart the timer.

    If you want to remove the loaded contents, click on “Clear items”.

    2. If you’re doing it correctly, you see the AD Board framed in red.

    Remember to release the items on the AD Board before releasing the ctrl key.

    3. The AD Board accepts (if allowed by its owner) textures, landmarks, notecards, objects and a sound.

    When people click on the AD Board, they automatically get the landmarks, the notecards and the objects, while the sound is played (everyone around the board can hear it).

    The textures are not sent to the recipient along with the other contents, but they are always displayed on the AD Board and a slideshow is created if you load more than one texture.


    If your rental is about to expire, you can extend its duration (if it is allowed by the owner of the AD Board) by paying again the AD Board one of the default amounts.

    Note: if the rental is free, you can extend it by clicking on the button named “Extend rental”. You can use this button only if the owner enabled this function.


    The status indicator shows if the advertiser is online or offline.
    It is displayed on the AD Board only if the owner of the device enabled it and if at least one picture is shown in the frame.
    If the above conditions are fulfilled, the tenant of the AD Board is able to use the “Status” button through the menu of the device.

    The “Status” button allows to change the online/offline status of the advertiser, regardless of his/her real inworld status.
    Through this button, the tenant can also choose to be displayed as “busy”.
    The busy status can not be automatically toggled when the tenant activates/disables the “away” or “unavailable” status through the options of the viewer.


    These options can be selected through the menu of the AD Board.
    The contents of the menu may vary, depending on the configuration of the device.

    • AD Name: Allows to set the name of your advertisement. It will be used to name the folder people receive when they click on your AD Board.
    • Details: Shows info about your rental.
    • End rental: Terminates the rental. If set by the owner of the AD Board, you will receive a refund for the unused time.
    • Info card: Gives you a notecard containing info from the owner and the terms of use of the AD Board.
    • Join group: Sends you a direct invitation to the group of the owner of the AD Board.
    • More: Shows more options of the menu.
    • Notices: Enables/disables the notices you receive when someone clicks on your AD Board
    • Social: Allows you to connect the Social HUD, to add quick links to your social profiles.
    • Status: Allows you to change the status indicator of the AD Board. This button is available only if the status indicator was enabled by the owner of the device, and if at least one picture is displayed in the frame.
    • Test: Sends you the contents of your advertisement, as if you were a person who clicked on your AD Board.
    • User guide: Opens this web page.