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LOW Industries

“The Magic” Pack – User Guide

    LOW Industries - The Magic Pack
    LOW Industries – The Magic Pack

    Rezzing and de-rezzing the scenes

    To rez a scene, click on ‘The Magic’ Pack and select the name of the scene.
    To clean the rezzed scene, click on ‘The Magic’ Pack and select “Clean scene”.

    ATTENTION: To properly work, ‘The Magic’ Pack needs to either:
    – Be owned by the owner of the land;
    – Be owned by someone in the group that owns the land, the ‘allow group to build parcel’ flag has to be enabled and ‘The Magic’ Pack has to be set to group;
    – Be rezzed in a land where everyone is allowed to build.

    If none of the above mentioned conditions are met, ‘The Magic’ Pack only works when its owner is inworld. This is a normal behavior of Second Life and there is no workaround.

    The “Options” menu

    Click on ‘The Magic’ Pack and select “Options” to open the Options menu.

    • Autoclean: Opens the “Autoclean” menu.
    • Automove: Enables the “Automove”.
    • User guide: Redirects to this webpage.
    • User: Allows to choose the agents who will be able to use ‘The Magic’ Pack (only the owner, the group members*, anyone).
    • Del. scripts: Deletes from the components of the scene the scripts used to rez them.

    * Once you select “GROUP” from the User menu, ‘The Magic’ Pack must be assigned to the group you want to reserve the device for.

    The Autoclean option

    The Autoclean button allows to turn on/off the Autoclean option.

    When the Autoclean is enabled, ‘The Magic’ Pack automatically derezzes the components of the current scene, if nobody is in its detection range.
    The same scene will be instantly rezzed again as soon as someone enters the range.
    This will save prims by removing unused buildings and objects.

    NOTE: A scene must be rezzed when the last avatar leaves. If no scene is rezzed, the Autoclean option won’t rez anything when someone is detected by the sensor.

    The Autoclean is a resource-demanding feature. Use it only if you really need it!

    Through the autoclean menu you can also choose the range scanned by the sensor and the agents that are detected: only the owner, the group members, anyone.

    The Automove option

    The Automove option is not always available: it depends on how the creator of the scenes configured the device.

    If the Automove option is enabled, you can move ‘The Magic’ Pack to automatically move all the components of the currently rezzed scene.

    Once the scene is rezzed in the position you wanted it, just click on the device again.

    For more info about ‘The Magic’ Pack, you can also refer to its dedicated webpage.