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LOW Industries

"The Quick" UUID Finder

Finds out the id keys of avatars and groups
LOW Industries -The Quick UUID Finder Cover


  • In Second Life, every object and every avatar is identified by an Universally Unique Identifier (UUID, also known as “Key”): a 16 byte code that is often used by scripts, instead of the names, to recognize the entities inside the virtual world.
  • ‘The Quick’ UUID Finder helps you to find out the UUID of the people around you.
  • ‘The Quick’ UUID Finder also finds out  the UUID of the groups you are a member of.
No need for configuration

Manual & Resources

‘The Quick’ UUID Finder does not need to be configured!


To find out the UUID of the avatars around you:

  1. Rez it;
  2. Click on it;
  3. Select the name of an avatar to see in chat their UUID.


To find out the UUID of a group you are a member of:

  1. Rez ‘The Quick’ UUID Finder;
  2. Assign it to a group you want to find the UUID of;
  3. Click on ‘The Quick’ UUID Finder;
  4. Select “GROUP” to see in chat its UUID.

v 2.1

  • Revamped textures.
  • The UUID Finder can now receive updates.
  • It’s now possible to find the UUID of the groups.
  • Script optimizations and minor bugs fixed.

v 2.0

  • New mesh shape.
  • Script optimizations and minor bugs fixed.

v 1.0

  • First version for sale.