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Using “The Great” Greeter to send notifications to more than 5 managers

    ‘The Great’ Greeter can be configured to send its notifications about new guests to the owner of the device and up to 5 other managers.

    What happens if 5 managers are not enough? Is it possible to add more managers?

    Since the memory of the scripts is limited, you can not add more than 5 managers to the configuration of ‘The Great’ Greeter, but… there’s a little trick you can use to get what you need: just use another Greeter!

    Rez 2 copies of ‘The Great’ Greeter and configure the first copy as you prefer. The second copy of the device will be configured as follows:





    This way, only the first device will actually greet your guests, while the new copy of the Greeter will only be used to give you 5 more spots for your managers!