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LOW Industries

Why there are several scripts inside some devices?

    We do our best to include in our devices all the features our clients may need.

    Sometimes, all the features we want to give you can not be included just in one script: scripts in Second Life have a limited memory and once you reach it, you can not add more functions to them.

    Do all these scripts inside a devices cause lag?

    No they don’t.

    It is not always true that more scripts cause more lag: it depends on how they were designed and compiled.

    In fact, we do not add new scripts just because we need more memory; this is only partially true.

    In our devices, different scripts contains different “groups of features”. Our scripts are designed so that when their group of features is not needed, they simply do nothing. And a script that does nothing, doesn’t cause any lag!

    E.g.: You may often find scripts named “menu engine”, “notecard reader” etc. These scripts only work when the device needs to display a menu or to read a notecard. If these features are not needed, the scripts remain completely inactive.

    Because of this practice, our devices are not equipped with an always-running huge script, that contains all the functions: they are scripted with smaller scripts that are activated and deactivated when needed.

    Our devices are designed to give you the best performances.