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Basic configuration of “the mighty” Teleporter

    The Mighty Teleporter is a system made of 3 interconnected devices:

    • The Gateway Teleporter, to be placed at the starting point. It is used to select the destination and it can be connected to several Destination Teleporters.
    • The Destination Teleporter, to be rezzed at the landing point/s.
    • The Telepad, which is automatically rezzed by the Destination Teleporter and is the device that actually teleports the avatars and manages the rentals.


    1. Rez the Gateway Teleporter in a place where the users will be able to easily find it. *
    2. Edit the configuration notecard inside the Gateway Teleporter and write one or more names of the Destinations that will be reached through this Teleporter. If you want to connect the Gateway to more than one Destination, write one name per line.
    3. Rez a copy of the Destination Teleporter at the landing point.
    4. Edit the configuration notecard inside the Destination Teleporter: carefully read the instructions in the notecard and set the configuration parameters as you want. The first parameter in the configuration is DESTINATION_NAME: it must match one of the Destinations you wrote in the notecard of the Gateway Teleporter.
    5. Steps 3-4 can be repeated as many times as you want, if you want to connect the Gateway Teleporter to more Destination Teleporters. Note that each Destination Teleporter must have a unique DESTINATION_NAME set in the configuration notecard.
    6. Save the configuration notecard and grant the device the permission to handle your money**.
    7. During the initialization, the Telepad will be automatically rezzed by the Destination Teleporter.
    8. You can edit the “InfoCard” in the contents of the Destination Teleporter: you can write some details about the rental, attach pics of the destination area, write your TOS etc. The InfoCard will be dispensed to the potential users of the Teleporter. Simply delete the InfoCard if you don’t need it. ***

    * The Gateway Teleporter and the Destination Teleporters can be placed in different parcels within the same sim, but the owner of the system must be able to rez objects in all the parcels between the starting point and the landing points.

    ** For more information about the permission, read the paragraph “About the request to take money from the owner” in the manual of the Teleporter.

    *** You can also rename the InfoCard by changing the second part of its title, after the dash, and resetting the Teleporter. If you remove the notecard from the content of the Teleporter, it will not be dispensed.