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LOW Industries

Configuring the Dispenser for “The Excellent” Tip Jar

    1. Rez the Dispenser and a copy of The Excellent Tip Jar (Floating version);
    2. Configure the Tip Jar and wait until its configuration is complete.
    3. Take the ready Tip Jar in your inventory.
    4. Right click on the Dispenser and select “Edit”.
    5. While in edit mode, open the “Content” tab of the Dispenser.
    6. Drag the Tip Jar from your inventory and drop it onto the Content tab of the Dispenser.
    7. Click on the Dispenser to start it.

    Done! Now you have just 1 Tip Jar rezzed in your club and the Dispenser rezzes a new Tip Jar every time someone logs into the only available copy.