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LOW Industries

Creating the first scene with ‘The Magic’ Rezzer

    The following videotutorial shows how to create the first scene with ‘The Magic’ Rezzer:

    Step by step guide

    1. Before starting, be sure ‘The Magic’ Rezzer is configured as you want: open the #CONFIGURATION notecard in the content of the Rezzer and set the parameters as you prefer (for example you may want to choose the number of scenes you want to create and give them a name).
    2. Manually rez all the objects of the scene (in the video they are already rezzed).
    3. Click on ‘The Magic’ Rezzer and select Components > GET SCRIPT, then accept the script, you’ll find it into your inventory.
    4. Right click on the first object of your scene and choose ‘Edit’, then open the ‘Contents’ Tab.
    5. Drop the script into the content tab of the object.
    6. Repeat the steps 4 and 5 for each object of your scene.
    7. Click on ‘The Magic’ Rezzer and select Components > Save pos.
    8. Take all the items one by one (do not select them all together when taking them).
    9. Click again on the Rezzer and select the name of a scene.
    10. Drop the objects into the Content tab of Rezzer. Done!