LOW Industries

"The Magic" Rezzer

The most astounding way to save and rezz multiple scenes.
LOW Industries - The Magic Rezzer


  • You manually rez a scene and drop a script into each object: ‘The Magic’ Rezzer saves the scene and you will be able to rez, delete and rez  it again with only one click!
  • The Rezzer can save up to 6 different scenes.
  • It can automatically clean the current scene if another scene is rezzed.
  • It can be set to clean the scene, or return to a default scene, when nobody is in range.
  • It can save static scenes (object are always rezzed in the same position even if you move the Rezzer around the sim) or dynamic scenes (objects are rezzed in a position relative to the Rezzer).
  • Several Rezzers can be used at the same time, without interfering with each other.
  • You will be able to move all the components of the rezzed scene by simply moving the Rezzer.
  • The Rezzer can be connected to ‘The Excellent’ Teleporters, to allow the tenant of the teleporting system to rez the saved scenes (which could contain a skybox, furniture etc).
  • The use of the Rezzer can be restricted to its owner, or to the group members.
  • Compatible with ‘The Magic’ Pack: the plugin to create copy-transfer rezzers, to sell your scenes.
  • Compatible with ‘The Magic’ Sensor, to give the Rezzer mutiple detection ranges.
  • Compatible with the ‘Pay2Rez’ plugin, to sell people access to your scenes.


If the land is deeded to a group, the Rezzer must be owned by a member of the group that owns the land and the group must be able to rez objects.
Other scripts inside the scene components may interfere with the correct positioning of the objects. The objects you want to use to build your scenes must be mod and copy.

'The Magic' Rezzer was formerly known as 'Optimus' Multirezzer.

Manual & Resources

  1. Before saving the first scene into the Rezzer, edit the configuration notecard in its content (read well the included instructions and set the configuration parameters as you prefer)*.
  2. Manually rez all the pieces of a scene you want to add to the Rezzer and place all the components in their exact positions (be sure they are both copy and mod).
  3. Click on the Rezzer and choose Components > GET SCRIPT to get the ‘Scene component’ script.
  4. While in Edit mode, drop the ‘Scene component’ script into each object of the scene you previously rezzed.
  5. Click on the Rezzer and choose Components > Save pos.; you should get a confirmation message from all the components.
  6. Take in your inventory all the components of the scene one by one (do not select them all together).
  7. Click on the Rezzer and select the name of a scene.
  8. While in edit mode, drop the components into the content of the Rezzer.

Done. Repeat the steps 2-8 for each scene you want to save. To rez a saved scene, just click on its name.
The Rezzer can rez one scene per time and cleans the current scene to rez the new one.

* The configuration notecard of ‘The Magic’ Rezzer can be edited as many times as you want, without losing the saved scenes and the other parameters set through the menus.

Videotutorial: Creating the first scene with ‘The Magic’ Rezzer

  • Create scenes with a small number of components! Link as many unscripted objects as you can, before adding the ‘Scene component’ script: this way you need to load a smaller number of scripts and avoid causing lag. The Rezzer will work much better!
  • The Rezzer was tested with up to 200 items stored inside. This is not the maximum number of prims it can save, but it’s recommended not to exceed this amount, to get the best performances. If you are working with huge scenes and you can’t link together more objects, consider to use more than one Rezzer.
  • Use short names for the scene components! This may sound weird, but short names save resources and allow you to load more items inside the Rezzer without running out of memory. If the names of your objects are too long and you’re working with a lot of scene components, you could experience some script error!
  • When you click on ‘Save scene’, you should get a message from each scene component and a confirmation from the Rezzer. If you don’t get the messages from all the components, check that all of them have the ‘Scene component’ script in their contents and, in case, click again on ‘Save scene’ to be sure the lag wasn’t interfering.
  • The Autoclean is a resource-demanding feature. Use it only if you really need it! If you need to save prims, you could create a lightweight “Scene 1” and activate the Autorez option, which returns to Scene 1 when nobody is around. This saves both prims and region resources!

To properly work, ‘The Magic’ Rezzer needs to either:
– Be owned by the owner of the land;
– Be owned by someone in the group that owns the land, the ‘allow group to build parcel’ flag has to be enabled and the Rezzer has to be assigned to group;
– Be rezzed in a land where everyone is allowed to build.

If none of the above mentioned conditions are met, the Rezzer only works when its owner is inworld. This is a normal behavior of Second Life and there is no workaround.

Be sure all the pieces of the scene are both copy and mod!
If they are not modifiable, you won’t be able to add the ‘Scene component’ script to their content.
If they are not copyable, you may definitively lose them! (From v 1.1, the ‘Scene component’ script has an integrated security system that checks if all the components are copyable.)

Other scripts inside the components of the scenes may interfere with the correct positioning of the objects. It’s recommended to delete the unnecessary scripts, especially if the rezzed items have strange behaviors and are not properly positioned.

  • To remove components from a scene: delete them from the contents of the Rezzer.
  • To add components to a scene: rez the scene through the menu; manually rez the new items; add the script to the new components; click on Components > Save pos.; take the new components and drop them into the Rezzer.
  • To change the position of some components: delete them from the content of the Rezzer; manually rez a new copy of them; follow the previous step to add a new component to a scene.
  • To change the position of all the components of a scene: rez the scene and click on Delete (this deletes the components from the inventory of the Rezzer, while the rezzed scene won’t be removed); move the components, then save their positions and load them into the Rezzer as described above.
  • To duplicate a scene: rez the scene you want to duplicate, take all the components in your inventory, select the name of an empty scene, drop the components into the Rezzer.

The ‘Autoclean’ feature can be enabled through the configuration notecard, by setting the range and the timer of the scansions.
When the Autoclean is enabled, the Rezzer automatically derezzes the components of the current scene, if nobody is in its detection range.
The same scene will be instantly rezzed again as soon as someone enters the range.
This will save prims by removing unused buildings and objects.

NOTE: A scene must be rezzed when the last avatar leaves. If no scene is rezzed, the Autoclean option won’t rez anything when someone is detected by the sensor.

The Autoclean is a resource-demanding feature. Use it only if you really need it! If you need to save prims, you could create a lightweight “Scene 1” and activate the Autorez option through the configuration notecard. If this option is enabled, the Rezzer rezzes the Scene 1 when nobody is around. This saves both prims and region resources!

‘The Magic’ Sensor is a plug-in for ‘The Magic’ Rezzer. It allows the Autoclean option to scan an area which is not around the Rezzer itself.
Since the Rezzer can be connected to several Sensors at the same time, ‘The Magic’ Sensor can also be used to cover multiple areas around the Region.

To connect ‘The Magic’ Rezzer to ‘The Magic’ Sensor, just look for the parameter SENSOR_CODE in the configuration notecard of both devices, and set it to a 4-digit number. Done!

‘The Magic’ Rezzer can be connected to ‘The Excellent’ Teleporter. If connected, the Rezzer can be used by the tenant of the pay teleporter, to rez the saved scenes (such as additional rooms of a skybox or optional furniture sets).

  1. Install and configure the Teleporters;
  2. Place the Rezzer in the same area of the Return Teleporter;
  3. Edit the configuration notecard of the Rezzer and enter, where required, the TELEPORT_CODE you used to configure the Main Teleporter;
  4. Setup the scenes by following the paragraph “Basic installation guide”.
If the Rezzer is connected to ‘The Excellent’ Teleporter, the Autoclean option will be controlled by the Security Eye.

In the configuration notecard of ‘The Magic’ Rezzer, you can set the “CHAT_CONTROL” parameter, which is the chat channel you can use to  give the Rezzer commands to rez and clean the scenes you previously saved.

To rez a saved scene, you can type (in the chosen channel) the name of the scene you want to rez (the names of the scene can be set in the configuration notecard).

Alternatively, you can simply type “SCENE 1”, “SCENE 2”, “SCENE 3” etc. to rez the corresponding scene.

To clean the scene, you have to type in the chosen channel the command “Clean scene”.

If you are a scripter, you can create scripted objects and huds that can interact with the Rezzer. Just use the function “llSay” or “llRegionSay”.

Note: Everyone who knows the channel you set for the chat control could give chat commands to the Rezzer. Be careful. To limit the access to chat commands, you can set USER = GROUP or OWNER.
If you’re planning to use your Rezzer through a hud or a scripted object, you can not set USER = OWNER, since the commands won’t be given by the owner.

Tip: By default, the avatars talk in channel 0. If you want to send a message on another channel, you have to type a slash followed by the number of the channel. Then, you can write your message.
Eg: Type “/1000 SCENE 1” to say “SCENE 1” in channel 1000.

‘The Magic’ Rezzer is no-transfer, but if you want to sell your saved scenes, you can use ‘The Magic’ Pack: a plugin that creates copy-transfer clones of ‘The Magic’ Rezzer.

v 3.1

  • The ‘Autorez’ option was changed: if set to YES, it automatically rezzes again, when someone enters the range, the scene that was cleaned by the autoclean. If set to NO, a manual action will be required. If set to the name of a saved scene, that scene will be rezzed when nobody is detected.
  • If AUTOCLEAN_RANGE is set to 0 and AUTOCLEAN_TIMER is bigger than 0, the autoclean is not disabled but it runs only through the timer and without sensor.
  • The Rezzer is now compatible with ‘The Mighty’ Teleporter, the new teleporting system.

v 3.0 (‘The Magic’ Rezzer)

  • New shape and new name! ‘Optimus’ Multirezzer has become ‘The Magic’ Rezzer, to match the style of the other devices from LOW Industries.
  • The Rezzer is now compatible with ‘The Magic’ Sensors and with the Pay2Rez plugin.
  • New “Autorez” option, to automatically rez a scene as soon as nobody is detected around the Resser
  • It is now possible to reset, through the menu of the Rezzer, all the “scene component” scripts inside a rezzed scene.
  • The device has one less script.
  • The organization of the menus of the device have been improved.
  • The updating process of the Rezzer is faster and safer.
  • Fixed minor bugs and boosted the overall performance.

v 2.1 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer)

  • Includes improvements to the stability and more memory.
  • Upgrading the device to v 2.1 is not mandatory, but it’s highly recommended to those who experienced the ‘stack heap collision’ error while setting huge scenes with v 2.0.

v 2.0 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer)

  • ‘Optimus’ Multirezzer now comes with a new 100% mesh shape.
  • The whole process of creating the new scenes was redesigned to make it easier and faster.
  • New components can be added to the already set scenes without repeating the whole procedure.
  • The components of the scenes can be deleted from the contents of the Multirezzer without causing scripts errors.
  • The new ‘Automove’ option allows to move togeter all the components of a ‘dynamic’ scene by simply moving the Multirezzer.
  • A new button in the menu allows the owner to get a list of all the items incuded in each saved scene.
  • The timer of the scansions of the ‘Autoclean’ option can now be changed through the configuration notecard.
  • Menus redesigned.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

v 1.3.1 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer)

  • A memory saving script has been added to greatly improve the performances of the device!

v 1.3 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer)

  • New plugin available! ‘Optimus’ Multirezzer CC (Content Creators) allows to create a fullperm copy of your ‘Optimus’ Multirezzer so that you can sell your creations organized in multiple scenes.
  • New feature: The owner can choose a secret channel to give commands to the Multirezzer. In this way it is possible to create huds and other devices able to interact with the scenes of the Multirezzer.
  • New feature: Once a scene is rezzed, the owner can choose to make it permanent by deleting all the ‘scene component’ scripts from the content of the components.
  • Minor changes and minor bugs fixed.

v 1.2 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer)

  • New scene added: the Multirezzer can now save and rez up to 6 scenes.
  • New feature: the sensor of the automatic clean and rezzing system can now be set to detect only the owner, only the group members, or anyone.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to the system.

v 1.1.2 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer)

  • Solved a problem that affected the static scenes.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to the system.

v 1.1.1 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer)

  • Minor bug fixes.

v 2.1 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer)

  • New feature: the Multirezzer can now save the scene according to the relative position of the objects (they will move together with the Multirezzer) or to their absolute position in the sim (they will always be rezzed in the same position).
  • Minor bug fixes.

v 1.0.1 – v 1.0.3 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer)

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to the system.

v 1.0 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer)

First version for sale.