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LOW Industries

How to customize the shape of the Tip Jars

    This guide refers to:

    What you need:

    • ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar;
    • An unscripted object** (it must be mod).

    To customize the shape of your Tip Jar, you have to :

    1. Rez a copy of the Tip Jar.
    2. Right click on it, select “Open” and click on “Copy contents to inventory”.
    3. Rez your customized shape.
    4. Right click on your customized shape, choose “Edit” and open the “Content” tab.
    5. Open your inventory and look for the folder that was automatically created in step 2.
    6. Select the items inside the folder and drop them onto the Content tab of your customized object.

    Done: your object is now a Tip Jar!


    * The Profile Pic. version of “The Excellent” Tip Jar applies the textures to the face No. 0, while the passepartout frame is applied to face No. 1. Your customized shape must be modeled accordingly.

    ** The scripts of ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar are not compatible with other scripts.