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LOW Industries

"The Master" Tip Jar

One for all, all for one!
LOW Industries - The Master Tip Jar


  • ‘The Master’ Tip Jar is a special device that automatically splits the tips it receives among the current users of all ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars.
  • ‘The Master’ Tip Jar must be owned by the same owner of ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars and must be in the same region.
  •  If nobody is using ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars, ‘The Master’ Tip Jar works as a normal tip jar, but the owner can also set it to automatically refund the donor.
  • The shape of the Tip Jar can be customized by dropping the scripts into another object. 
  • The owner can choose to pay automatic tips to ‘The Master’ Tip Jar every set amount of time. The automatic tips stop when nobody uses ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars.
  • Customizable and optional message to automatically thank the donors.
  • The owner can set the default price of the pay field or hide it, and can also set the price of the quick pay buttons or hide one or more of them.
  • Customizable optional sound to play after each tip.
  • The owner can automatically send a gift to the donors after each tip (object, notecard, landmark, etc…).
  • Customizable text to display above the Tip Jar
  • The owner can choose the color of the floating text;
  • The owner can choose to display or hide the name of the last donor and the received donations;
  • The donations to ‘The Master’ Tip Jar are collected by the Data Bank (purchased separately) as if they were donated to the connected ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars.
  • The owner can use mutiple copies of ‘The Master’ Tip Jar.

Manual & Resources

  1. Rez ‘The Master’ Tip Jar;
  2. Edit the configuration notecard in the content of the device (read well the included instructions and set the configuration parameters as you prefer);
  3. Reset ‘The Master’ Tip Jar and grant the permission to handle your money (for more info, read the paragraph below “about the request to take money from the owner).

Done! ‘The Master Tip Jar is now ready to receive tips and to split them among the users of ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars.

Note: ‘The Master’ Tip Jar must be initialized before starting sessions with ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars. If there are active sessions with ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars during the initialization of ‘The Master’ Tip Jar, just ask the users to log out and start a new session.

Copy-paste the following parameter into the configuration notecard of ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar, if you want it not to receive tips from ‘The Master’ Tip Jar.

MASTER_TIPJAR: Write NO if you want this Tip Jar not to receive tips from ‘The Master’ Tip Jar. Otherwise write YES. [Default value = YES]

‘The Master’ Tip Jar can only be connected to ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars but, since the money it collects is split among all the other Tip Jars, it is indirectly connected to:

Why does the Tip Jar, during its initialization, ask you to grant the permission to take money from your account?

The alert you get is generated by the viewer and it may be more or less worrying, depending on the software you’re using to connect to Second Life. It is intended to inform you that the device will be able to manage the money in your account and you should grant the permission only if you trust the source.

When ‘The Master’ Tip Jar is paid, money goes to your account because you are the owner of the device. Then the Tip Jar needs to give the money to ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars (an then to the the users of the tip jars), by taking the donated amount from your account.
Don’t worry: the Tip Jar will not use your own money, it just takes from your balance the money paid by the donors.

So, when ‘The Master’ Tip Jar asks you to grant a request, click “Grant” and it will start to read the configuration notecard; otherwise it will be disabled.

v 1.0.2

  • Improves the way the device splits money and reduces the possibilities it makes mistakes.

v 1.0.1

  • Minor bugs fixed

v 1.0

  • First version for sale.