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How to use ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar as a donation box for a club

    ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar was specifically designed to let people log-in to collect tips and log-out when they leave the place: it’s commonly used by the dancers of the clubs in Second Life, during their work shifts.

    What if the owner wants to create a “donation box” for their club?

    ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar can be used as an always-running Tip Jar, that collects tips for the club (= for the owner of the club).

    This is how to set the parametrs in the configuration notecard of the Tip Jar, to make it work as a donation box:

    • TITLE = Club name

    With the above configuration, the owner of the club can log into the Tip Jar: they will never be logged out (because DETECTION_RANGE is set to 0) and the Tip Jar will display the name of the club instead of the name of the logged avatar.

    It’s also possible to edit the shape of ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar, to make it clear it’s a donation box for the club!

    Note: This guide applies to the ‘Classic’ version of ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar, but it can also apply to the ‘Profile pic.’ version. The ‘Floating’ version of the device follows its user, so it’s not suitable to be used as a donation box for clubs.