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LOW Industries

New device: The Sly Security Central

    Since security is never enough, we have just released ‘The Sly’ Security Central and updated ‘The Sly’ Security System to v 1.4!

    LOW Industries - The Sly Security Central

    ‘The Sly’ Security Central is a plugin for ‘The Sly’ Security System and it takes the security of your land to the next level!

    The Security Central allows the owner of the Security System to add avatars to the Black list or to the White list of all their connected Security Cams, with a few clicks.

    The Security Central also keeps your community safe! It can be configured to let everyone, or a selected group of avatars, to “report” griefers. Once a griefer is reported a set number of times by other avatars, they will be added to the Black list of all the connected Security Cams.

    Read more about ‘The Sly’ Security Central >

    ‘The Sly’ Security Central is discounted to L$1 until next Monday November 27th, only inworld!