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LOW Industries

"The Best Donor" and
"The Most Tipped" Contest Boards

To find the avatars who spend or earn more money in your club
LOW Industries - The Best Donor and The Most Tipped Contest Boards


  • The Contest Boards analyze the tips received by the users of ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars and display the profile picture of the most tipped avatar or the best donor.
  • The Contest Boards are compatible with all ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars.
  • It is possible to display the first, the second or the third place of the contest.
  • The Boards can optionally show the name of the displayed avatar.
  • They can optionally announce in the local chat the name of the winner by shouting a customized message.
  • People who click on the Boards get a link to the profile of the winner.
  • The winner can remove their profile from the Board.
  • The owner can choose which Tip Jars are connected to the Contest Board.
  • The owner can reveal the winner through the menu of the Board or by setting a timer.
  • The owner can choose a manager, able to reveal the winner of the contest.


'The Best Donor' and 'The Most Tipped' Contest Boards need to be paired with the Data Bank for 'The Excellent' Tip Jars

Manual & Resources

  1. Rez the Contest Board in the same Sim where you rezzed ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars and the Data Bank;
  2. Edit the configuration notecard in the content of the Contest Board (read well the included instructions and set the configuration parameters as you prefer);
  3. Edit the configuration notecard in the content of ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars by setting #BEST_DONOR_CONTEST = YES and/or #MOST_TIPPED_CONTEST = YES;
  4. Reset both the Contest Board and the Tip Jar. Done!

V 2.0 of the Contest Boards was released with v 2.0LT: their “lite” version.
The lite version can not connect to the Data Bank for ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars. It was designed to be the natural and direct update of the old v1 of the Contest Boards (which weren’t able to connect to the Data Bank).

Only the standard v 2 of the Contest Boards will be updated with new features and improvements. V 2 LT will receive updates only if bugs will be found.
V 2 LT was released to give the owners of v 1 the last update of their devices, so they will be able to decide to buy the Data Bank or to keep using the Contest Board as a standalone.
New users are recommended to use the regular v 2: it will be constantly developed and updated because it offers better performance, and it is more accurate since it uses the big memory of the Data Bank.

The Contest Boards can be linked to ‘The Excellent’ Teleporters. If linked, a teleporter becomes free for the avatar displayed by the Boards:

  1. Rez the Contest Board anywhere in the same sim where you rezzed your Teleporters;
  2. Edit the configuration notecard in the content of the Main Teleporter and set the parameters #BEST_DONOR_CONTEST = YES and/or #MOST_TIPPED_CONTEST = YES

v 2.0.1

  • Fixes a bug that caused incorrect calculation of the winner of the contests, based on the data stored by the Data Bank.

v 2.0 / v 2.0LT

These two versions comes together and have the same features, but v 2.0LT does not connect to the Data Bank, while v 2.0 requires the Data Bank for ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar to work. Only v 2.0 will be further developed.

  •  New shape and optimized scripts: each Board is only 2 prims and has less scripts.
  • The Contest Boards can display the 1st, the 2nd or the 3rd position (only v 2.0).
  • Now the owner can set a manager who will be able to use the menus of the Board and reveal the winner of the contest.
  • The parameter ‘MODE’ has been removed: the ‘Reveal’ button and the ‘Timer’ button are always available through the menu.
  • It’s now possible to customize the text the Board automatically shouts in the local chat when the winner is announced.
  •  Minor bugfixes and improvements.
v 1.1 – v 1.2.2
  • Unavailable change log.

v 1.0

  • First version for sale.