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LOW Industries

"The Clever" Application Board

Makes everything easier, for you and for your applicants.
LOW Industries - The Clever Application Board


  • The Application Board is a special AD Board that displays a job offer and gives people info about the offer.
  • Through the Application Board, a person looking for a job can create and send his/her application to the employer.
  • To apply, the applicant “rents” the Board and uses it to load pictures or notecards containing the curriculum or the cover letter.
  • The employer can choose how long the rental will last.
  • If the employer doesn’t hire an applicant before the rental ends, the application will be automatically rejected and the applicant will get an automatic message.
  • The employer uses the menu of the Board to see the application and to hire or reject the applicant.
  • The employer can decide if only group members will be allowed to apply.
  • The employer can decide the minimum age of the applicants (younger applicants will be automatically rejected).
  • The employer can decide to receive the applications only from avatars with payment info on profile (applications from avatars without payment info will be automatically rejected).
  • The employer can write an info notecard that will be dispensed to all interested applicants.
  • The employer can write an application form to be filled out by the applicants.
  • The employer can decide how many pictures can be loaded into the board by the applicants.
  • The Application Board can automatically display the profile picture of the applicant when no image is loaded.
  • The Application Board comes with 6 defaut textures to show when it is unrented: “Apply here”, “Manager needed”, “Dj needed”, “Model needed”, “Dancer needed” and “Escort needed”.
  • The employer can customize the texture shown by the Application Board when it is unrented.
  • The employer can choose up to 5 avatars to be the managers of the Application Board, the managers can hire and reject the applicants.
  • The employer can get an automatic message every time somebody applies and every time an application expires.

Manual & Resources

  1. Rez the Application Board;
  2. Edit the configuration notecard in the content of the Board (read well the included instructions and set the configuration parameters as you prefer);
  3. Edit the InfoCard by adding useful info about the job you are offering; *
  4. Reset the Application Board and grant the permission to handle your money; **
  5. Copy your Board every time you want it and grant the permission to each copy. Done!

* Read more about the InfoCard in the following paragraph “InfoCard”.

** For more information, see below the paragraph “About the request to take money from the owner” .

The InfoCard is a notecard that is dispensed to the applicants through the touch menu of the Board. It may be used to explain people what position you’re offering and what kind of person/avatar/service you’re looking for. You can also specify the salary you will pay and write your rules and policies. If you want the applicants to fill out an application form, you can attach it to the InfoCard.

It is possible to rename the InfoCard through the Configuration notecard. You can also remove the InfoCard from the content of the Application Board, if you don’t need it.

Since v 3.0, the classic User Guide notecard was replaced by a web page.
The applicants will be invited by the Application Board to read the User Guide by following a URL.

View the User Guide of the Application Board >

The Applications can be approved or rejected through the OPTIONS/MANAGE menu, visible only by the Employer and the Managers.

  • Inspect:  this button allows the Employer and the Managers to see the contents of the application;
  • Approve: is used to approve the application and send an automatic message to the applicant, to let him/her know he/she is ready to be hired;
  • Reject: is used to terminate the application and send an automatic message to the applicant to let him/her know he/she will not be hired.

Why does the Application Board, during its initialization, ask you to grant the permission to take money from your account?

The alert you get is generated by the viewer and it may be more or less worrying, depending on the software you’re using to connect to Second Life. It is intended to inform you that the device will be able to manage the money in your account and you should grant the permission only if you trust the source.

The Application Board needs this permission because it may need to give refunds when needed etc. Don’t worry: the device will never take your own money.

v 3.0.2

  • Solves a bug that prevented the profile pics from being displayed when the parameter #PROFILE_PIC was set to YES.

v 3.0.1

  • Fixes a bug that caused the status indicator to get stuck on the ‘Online’ status when PROFILE_PIC was enabled and no texture was loaded inside the Board.

v 3.0

  • Brand new design! The Clever Application Board is now a mesh with a more defined shape, without increasing the prim count!
  • The status bar is ancient history! Now the Application Board has an integrated status indicator.
  • The structure of the script was completely redesigned to make the device more performing.
  • The Application Board can now be set to automatically display the profile picture of the applicant, if no texture is loaded.
  • The limit of textures and notecards that can be loaded inside the Board has been increased from 5 to 20.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Global improvements.

v 2.0.2

  • Fixes a bug that caused the freeze of the managers’ menu.
  • The board now asks to be restarted after a change in the configuration notecard.

v 2.0.1

  • This release solves a bug that causes a security problem and prevents attacks from hackers that load unauthorized items into the rented boards.

v 2.0

  • A complete redesign of the whole system, to give you the best and most reliable solution for managing the applications of your aspirant employees.

v. 1.0.1

  • Minor bug fixes and corrections.

v 1.0

  • First version for sale.