LOW Industries

"The Magic" Pack

A plugin for 'The Magic' Rezzer, to pack up and sell your scenes.
LOW Industries - The Magic Pack


  • ‘The Magic’ Pack is a plugin that allows to save and sell the scenes created with ‘The Magic’ Rezzer.
  • The owner configures the ‘The Magic’ Rezzer and saves up to 6 different scenes, then ‘The Magic’ Pack makes a clone of the Rezzer. The clone will be copy-transfer and it will have only the features needed by the final client to rez and clean the scenes.
  • The process to create the copy-transfer clone is managed by a pop-up wizard.
  • The copy-transfer Rezzer, generated by ‘The Magic’ Pack, inherits the number of scenes of ‘The Magic’ Rezzer, their names, their contents and their ‘mode’ (static/dynamic).
  • Multiple copies of the same Pack won’t conflict with each other.
  • The final user can enable/disable the Autoclean option, to clean the scene when nobody is in range and rez it again when someone is detected.
  • The final user can set the range of the sensor of the Autoclean.
  • The final user can choose who will be detected by the sensor of the Autoclean: only the owner, only group members or anyone.
  • The final user can set the device so that it can be used only by the owner, only by the group members or by anyone.
  • The final user can use the menu to automatically remove from the scenes the script used to rez the components.
  • The device can be configured to listen to a secret channel that can be used to control the device via chat.
  • It’s possible to script a HUD that sends messages in the secret channel used by the device.
  • The device generated by this plugin can’t be connected to other devices or plugin for ‘The Magic’ Rezzer.
  • The content creators/sellers can change the shape of ‘The Magic’ Pack, or add their own logo on the device, before giving it to other people.


'The Magic' Pack is a plugin for 'The Magic' Rezzer. It can not be used as a standalone.
'The Magic' Pack was formerly known as 'Optimus' Multirezzer CC.

Manual & Resources

  1. Set up ‘The Magic’ Rezzer (it’s sold separately from this plugin),by following its installation guide;
  2. Rez the ‘The Magic’ Pack near the ready-to-be-copied Rezzer.
  3. Click on the ‘The Magic’ Pack. A wizard will guide you through the process and will generate a copy-transfer clone of the original Rezzer.
  4. After the final clone is ready, remember to set the permissions for the next owner! You can also add your logo on ‘The Magic’ Pack, or change its shape by dropping its contents (scripts and scene components) into another prim/mesh.
  • The final copy-transfer clone of ‘The Magic’ Rezzer inherits some configuration parameters from the original Rezzer. It won’t be possible to change them after the end of the process by either the creator or by the final client. These parameters are: the number of scenes, the names of the scenes and the channel for the chat control.
  • You can’t update the configuration or the saved scenes through ‘The Magic’ Pack: you have to change them in ‘The Magic’ Rezzer and restart the copying process with a new Pack.
  • The scenes saved with ‘The Magic’ Rezzer must contain only copy-transfer objects, or its clone won’t be copy-transfer. The designer can change the permissions for their clients after the final clone is created.
  • It is highly recommended (but it’s not mandatory) that ‘The Magic’ Rezzer being cloned is configured with MODE = DYNAMIC. This allows the final users to place the scenes wherever they want in their parcel/sim.
  • The Automove option will be enabled in the final clone only if ‘The Magic’ Rezzer is configured with MODE = DYNAMIC.
  • Once the cloning process terminates, the designer can change to its liking the texture, the shape and the name of the ‘The Magic’ Pack.
  • If the designer drops a notecard inside the contents of the clone, this notecard is dispensed to the final users as a Readme.
  • The CHAT_CONTROL parameter (set in the original Rezzer and inherited by the clone) can be used to create HUDs for your creations (see below the paragraph about the API).
  • To be sure your final product will grant excellent performances, don’t exceed the limit of 200 prims inside the Rezzer. If you are working with huge scenes, it’s better if you link together as many unscripted object as you can. Consider to use more than one device to store and sell huge scenes.

The final clone of ‘The Magic’ Rezzer has limited options, so that the final users will be able to use it just to rez and derez the scenes, without the ability to delete or update them.
The final user will also be able to:

  • Enable/disable the Autoclean option, the feature that cleans the scene when nobody is in range and rezzes it again when someone is detected.
  • Set the range of the sensor of the Autoclean.
  • Choose who will be detected by the sensor of the Autoclean: only the owner, only group members or anyone.
  • Set the device so that it can be used only by the owner, only by the group members or by anyone.
  • Remove, from the rezzed objects, the ‘Scene component’ scripts, to make the scenes permanent.
  • Activate the Automove option, the feature that allows to move together all the components of a dynamic scene by simply moving the Autorezzer.
  • Use the HUDs provided by the content creator, to control the scenes (see below the paragraph about the API).
For more info, read the online User guide the final users will be able to load through a link in the menu of ‘The Magic’ Pack.
The online User guide can be optionally replaced by a simple info notecard, written by the creator of the scenes.

It’s important to warn the final user that to properly rez the scenes, the device must be owned by the owner of the land.
If the land is deeded to a group, the device must be owned by a member of the group that owns the land and the ‘allow group to build parcel’ flag has to be enabled in the properties of the land.

If none of the condition above is met, the device will work only when its owner is inworld.

As described in the documentation of ‘The Magic’ Rezzer, once you set in the configuration notecard the channel for the chat control, you can give the Rezzer chat commands to rez and clean the previously saved scenes.
‘The Magic’ Pack inherits the same CHAT_CONTROL parameter from ‘The Magic’ Rezzer, so the final user will be able to:

  • Rez the scenes by saying the name of each scene in the chosen channel.
  • Rez the scenes by saying “SCENE 1”, “SCENE 2”, “SCENE 3” etc. in the chosen channel.
  • Clean the currently rezzed scene by saying “Clean scene” in the chosen channel.

The Designer can also create scripted plugins and HUDs that can interact with the Rezzer. Just use the functions “llSay” or “llRegionSay” to talk in the chosen channel.
Giving the HUD/plugin to the final clients allows them to control the Rezzer without clicking on it or to transform a Rezzer into a device that automatically rezzes and derezzes object when events happen.

NOTE: Everyone who knows the channel you set for the chat control can give chat commands to the Rezzer/Pack. Be careful.
To limit the access to chat commands, the final owner of the Rezzer can set ‘USER’ to ‘GROUP’ or to ‘OWNER’.

v 3.0 (‘The Magic’ Pack)

  • New shape and new name! ‘Optimus’ Multirezzer CC has become ‘The Magic’ Pack, to match the style of the other devices from LOW Industries.
  • Compatible with ‘The Magic’ Rezzer v 3.0

v 2.0 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer CC)

  • New mesh shape!
  • Compatible with ‘Optimus’ Multirezzer v 2.0.

v 1.3.2 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer CC)

  • Bug fixes.

v 1.3.1 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer CC)

  • Compatible with v 1.3.1 of ‘Optimus’ Multirezzer.

v 1.3 (‘Optimus’ Multirezzer CC)

First version for sale.