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LOW Industries

"The Mighty" Prim Counter

Did someone rez too many prims?
LOW Industries - The Mighty Prim counter


  • “The Mighty” Prim Counter is a device that checks how many prims are currently rezzed on the parcel by each avatar.
  • The owner of the Prim Counter can automatically return all the prims of the other avatars.
  • The Prim Counter can be connected to “The Mighty” Teleporter, through a plugin script, to check the tenants don’t exceed the prim limit set by the owner.
  • If the tenants rez too many prims, the Prim Counter sends them a warning.
  • The owner of the device can choose to be informed by the script about the tenants rezzing too many prims.
  • The owner can choose how often the check is performed.
  • It is possible to automatically return all the objects rezzed on the parcel, if the tenant does not remove the exceeding prims.


Even if this device can be used as a standalone to count and return the prims through its menu, it has limited options if not connected to 'The Mighty' Teleporter.
'The Mighty' prim Counter must be owned by the same owner of the land.
If the land is deeded, the owner of the Prim Counter must be the owner of the group that owns the land, and the device must be deeded as well.

Manual & Resources

  1. Rez ‘The Mighty’ Prim Counter (the white cube) on the parcel where you want to count the prims* (for example on the parcel where the tenant of ‘The Mighty’ Teleporter will be able to rez objects).
  2. Grant ‘The Mighty’ Prim Counter the permission to return the items, when needed.**

‘The Mighty’ Prim Counter is now ready to be used as a standalone, if you only wish to count how many prims each user  rezzed on your land and to return them through the menu of the device.

* ‘The Mighty’ Prim Counter must be owned by the same avatar that owns the land. Since it is both copy and transfer, if the land is owned by someone else, you can send them a copy of the device; if the land is group deeded, you have to deed the Prim Counter as well.

** If you deeded ‘The Mighty’ Prim Counter to a group, you must be one of the owners of the group.



  1. Drop a copy of the script “#Plugin – The Mighty Prim Counter” (included in the folder of the device) into the Destination Teleporter you want to connect to the Prim Counter.
  2. Open the configuration notecard inside the Destination Teleporter and set the parameter #PRIM_COUNTER as you prefer: you have to write the number  of prims that the tenants of the Teleporter will be able to rez on the parcel.
  3. Save the notecard and reset the Teleporter. Done!

If you wish to configure the plugin more fully (for example if you want the Prim Counter to automatically return the prims when the tenant exceed the limit), refer to the following paragraph “Other parameters”.

You can copy the following configuration parameters and paste them wherever you want in the configuration notecard of ‘The Mighty’ Teleporter, to configure ‘The Mighty’ Prim Counter more fully.

COUNTER_NOTIFICATIONS: Write YES if you want to receive notices about the tenants rezzing too many prims, otherwise write NO. [Default value = YES]


COUNTER_RATE: Write how often (in minutes) the Prim Counter checks how many prims were rezzed on the parcel by the current tenant. Write 0 to disable the Prim Counter. [Default value = 15]


RETURN_PRIMS: Write how much time (in minutes) the tenants have to delete the prims exceeding the limit: if they don’t delete the prims, all their objects rezzed on the parcel will be automatically returned. All the prims will also be returned as soon as the rental ends. Write 0 to disable this feature (the objects will never be automatically returned). Write END to return the prims only when the rental ends. [Default value = 0]


‘The Mighty’ Prim Counter can receive updates (when available) only if connected to another device. For example, if you installed the plugin into ‘The Mighty’ Teleporter, you can get updates of the Prim Counter through the menu of the Teleporter.

To check for updates:

  1. Click on the Gateway Teleporter and select the Destination Teleporter where you installed the plugin of the Prim Counter into.
  2. Click on OPTIONS, then choose UPDATE.

v 2.0 (‘The Mighty’ Prim Counter)

  • ‘The Mighty’ Prim Counter is no longer just a plugin script: it’s a device that can be connected to other systems.
  • Now compatible witht ‘The Mighty’ Teleporter.
  • ‘The Excellent’ Teleporter is no longer supported.
  • The owner can now return all the objects rezzed by other avatars on the parcel.
  • It’s also possible to configure the automatic return of the objects, if the tenants of the Teleporter exceed the limit or if their rental ends.

v 1.1 (Prim Counter plugin for Security Eye)

  • Minor bugs fixed

v 1.0 (Prim Counter plugin for Security Eye)

  • First version for sale.
  • This plugin was meant to be installed into the Security Eye of ‘The Excellent’ Teleporter (now dismissed).