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What are UUIDs and how to retrieve them

    UUID is an abbreviation for Universally Unique Identifier.
    UUIDs are also known as “Keys” and they are strings of 32 characters, both letters and numbers.

    An UUID looks like this:


    UUIDs are used to identify everything on Second Life: each avatar, object, land, group, texture is identified by an UUID key.
    The UUID keys are often used by scripts to find entities on Second Life, so you may need to know them, to configure a scripted device.

    How to find the UUID of a texture

    You can find the UUID of a texture only if it is fullperm (if you can copy, modify and transfer it).
    To find the UUID of a texture in Second Life you have to:

    1. Look for the texture in your inventory.
    2. Right click on the texture in your inventory.
    3. Select “Copy asset UUID” in the menu (the menu entry may change, depending on the viewer you’re using).
    4. Now the UUID of the texture is saved in the clipboard of your computer: just paste it on a notecard or in the chat box to see it.

    How to find the UUID of an avatar

    Some viewers (like Firestorm) display the UUID (“Key”) of the avatars directly on their profile:

    How to find the UUID (“Key”) in the profiles of Firestorm

    If you use a viewer that does not display the UUIDs on the profiles, to get the UUID of an avatar you can use the ‘The Quick’ UUID Finder by LOW Industries:

    1. Get the ‘The Quick’ UUID Finder at a very affordable price.
    2. Rez the UUID Finder.
    3. Click on the UUID Finder and select the name of the avatar!