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LOW Industries

About the request to take money from your account

    You have just rezzed your brand new device when you get a frightening warning like this:

    The object wants total access to your Linden Dollars account. If you allow access, it can remove funds from your account at any time, or empty your account completely, on an ongoing basis with no additional warnings.
    Do not allow access if you do not fully understand why it wants access to your account.

    Money warning on Second Life official viewer and on Firestorm
    The warning on the Second Life official viewer and on Firestorm

    Why is the script asking that? Can you click on the “Allow” button?

    The alert you get is generated by the viewer and it may be more or less worrying, depending on the software you’re using to connect to Second Life. It is intended to inform you that the device will be able to manage the money in your account and you should grant the permission only if you trust the source.

    Some devices from LOW Industries may need access to your money because of different reasons, for example to split money with your partners or to give refunds to your clients when something goes wrong during the transactions.

    In all the online manuals of LOW Industries devices you can find a paragraph named “About the request to take money from the owner”, which explains why that specific device needs this permission.
    For example, you can check the online manual of ‘The Super’ Vendor, ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar, ‘The Excellent’ AD Board, ‘The Mighty’ Teleporter.

    How do you know if you can trust the device?

    The only way to know if you can trust a device is knowing who is its creator/seller.
    In the profile of the seller you can get 2 useful hints about their reliability:

    • You can see how old is the avatar of the seller: avatars created years ago are usually more reliable than newbie because when a theft is reported and verified by Linden Lab, the scammer is immediately banned;
    • You can see if the avatar has payment info on file. This is really important: people who “have payment info on file” are known by Linden Lab (both their id card and bank account are known), so they can be easily traced if they steal money or scam someone.

    All LOW Industries products are sold by SeedRose Lowey (seedro.lowey): an avatar created in june 2007, with payment info on file.
    See the profile:

    Now you know why some LOW Industries products ask you to handle your money and you also know how to find if the seller is reliable.

    You are ready to grant the permission and start using your new device!