LOW Industries

"The Super" Vendor

The Super easy and Super efficient way to sell your creations
LOW Industries - The Super Vendor


  • Drop your product into the Vendor to sell it!
  • Each Vendor can be used to sell only one product. Each product may consist of several items (one or more objects, notecards, landmarks etc).
  • The price of the product can be set through the configuration notecard.
  • Textures, dimensions and shape can be changed.
  • The Vendor can give a demo version of your product.
  • You can set a thanks message for the purchasers.
  • You can set an email address to receive the notifications about the sales.
  • People can buy the product as a gift for another avatar.
  • You can set it so that only group members can buy your products.
  • You can set a different price for the group members.
  • You can connect the Vendor with your listings on the Marketplace.
  • The Vendor can dispense to your potential clients an info-notecard about the product being sold.
  • Compatible with ‘The Super’ Delivery Server, the device that keeps organized in one place all the products you sell.
  • Compatible with ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal, the device that allows your clients to get a redelivery of the previously purchased products.
  • Compatible with ‘The Super’ Cashier, the tool that allows you to quickly change the configuration of several Vendors at a time.
  • Compatible with ‘The Super’ Gift Card, the plugin to create coupons your client can use to get discounts in your store.
  • Compatible with the Slideshow plugin, to display more than one texture on the Vendor.

Manual & Resources

This paragraph refers to the use of ‘The Super Vendor’ as a standalone utility, to directly sell items to your clients.
If you want to use ‘The Super’ Vendor to sell the items stored in ‘The Super’ Delivery Server, refer to the following paragraph.

  1. Rez the Vendor;
  2. Drop inside the Vendor all the items you want to sell, including objects, clothes, notecards, landmarks and so on;*
  3. Edit the configuration notecard in the content of the Vendor (read well the included instructions and set the configuration parameters as you prefer);
  4. Save the notecard, grant the Vendor the permission to handle your money** and wait until the end of the initialization. Done!

* Be careful with the permissions! You must have the permission to transfer all the items. Also check twice if you set properly the permissions of your creations for the next owner!

** Read below the paragraph “About the request to take money from the owner” for more information.

Watch this videotutorial to learn the basics on how to configure ‘The Super’ Vendor!

‘The Super’ Delivery Server is like a warehouse, where you store a copy of the items you sell. Every time someone pays ‘The Super’ Vendor to purchase a product, the Vendor connects to the Delivery Server that ships the item.
Several Vendors, even in different Regions, can connect to the same product inside the Delivery Server. Editing an object inside the Delivery Server will affect all the Vendors connected to that specific product.

Refer to these steps if you want to use ‘The Super’ Vendor to sell the items stored in ‘The Super’ Delivery Server.

  1.  Rez ‘The Super’ Delivery Server;
  2. Drop into the Delivery Server all the products you want to sell. If a product is made of more items, pack them in a box, then drop the box into the Delivery Server;
  3. Rez ‘The Super’ Vendor and edit the parameters in its configuration notecard. In particular:
    • Choose a PRODUCT_NAME that matches with the name of a product you added to the content of the Delivery Server;
  4. Done! Repeat step 3 for each Vendor you want to use with the Delivery Server.

To allow the buyers to get automatic redeliveries of their purchases, you have to buy and install the following devices:

Read this guide to learn how to create a redelivery system.

‘The Super’ Cashier allows you to change, with a few clicks, the price of all your products, and to program timed events like discounts and temporary changes of price.

To connect ‘The Super’ Vendor to the Cashier, simply choose a secret code named “CASHIER_KEY” and write it both in the configuration notecard of the Vendor and in the configuration notecard of the Cashier.
Once the CASHIER_KEY is properly set both in the Cashier and in your Vendors, you can start using the menu of the Cashier to control your sales.

‘The Super’ Gift Card allows you to give vouchers people can use with the Vendor to get a discount on your products.
To connect ‘The Super’ Vendor to the Gift Cards, simply choose a secret code, named GIFT_CARD_KEY and write it both in the configuration notecard of the Vendor and in the configuration notecard of the Gift Cards. The Gift Cards will work only with the products that have the same secret code.

‘The Super’ Vendor is a modular device and you can add several plugins to it, such as the Slideshow plugin, the Partners plugin and the Gacha plugin.
All the plugins come with detailed installation and configuration instructions.

Attention: All the plug-ins compatible with ‘The Super’ Vendor are sold by Seedro Lowey. Do not drop any other script made by other creators inside the Vendor: they can be used to steal your creations and your money.

Why does the Vendor ask you to grant the permission to take money from your account every time you rez it and every time you reset its scripts?

That warning is just a default message of the viewers and it is intended to inform you that the Vendor will manage your money. This means that the Vendor will be allowed to credit the money to your account and, when needed, give refunds to your clients.

Don’t worry: the Vendor will never take your own money, it just takes from your balance the money needed for a refund.

So, when the Vendor asks you to grant the request, click “Grant” and it will start to read the configuration notecard, otherwise it will be disabled.

This error message may be displayed when the Vendor is connected to the Delivery Server. Please refer to the manual of the Delivery Server to learn how to solve it.

v 2.0.1

  • Fixes a bug that caused the Vendor to shout a message in the public chat when using a Gift Card. Now the Vendor works silently as it should do.

v 2.0

  • The Vendor can be used to sell items in its contents or to sell products locked on ‘The Super’ Delivery Server.
  • The Vendor is now compatible with ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal.
  • GROUP_PRICE configuration parameter added: you can now set a different price for the members of your group.
  • GROUP_REFUND configuration parameter removed.
  • You can now configure the Vendor so that it only sells a limited number of copies of your product.
  • No-copy items can now be sold through the Vendor.
  • Textures revamped.
  • Security and performances improved.
  • Bugs fixed.

v 1.2

  • Introduces the compatibility with the ‘Gacha’ plugin, to make your vendor a gacha machine!
  • Fixes a bug in the ‘Buy gift’ menu that caused an error of the script.
  • Minor bugs fixes and small improvements.

v 1.1

  • It is now possible to choose a name for the folder that the Vendor gives to the buyers.
  • The Vendor now accepts plugins! Slideshow plugin and Partners plugin are now available!
  • The products sold through the Vendor can now be purchased as a gift for an avatar that is not in the same sim.
  • The pop up menu now contains a notice if there’s a group refund set.
    The name of the Vendor is no longer reset every time the device is rezzed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused problems when a discount was set through ‘The Super’ Cashier.
  • Performances improved.
  • Minor bugs and mistakes fixed.

v 1.0

First version for sale.