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LOW Industries

"The Excellent" AD Board

The best way to start renting advertising spaces in your land
LOW Industries - The Excellent AD Board


  • The advertisers can start a rental, set-up their advertisement and manage it by themselves, without asking for help to the owner of the AD Board.
  • The duration of the rental can be configured: you can choose if the advertiser can rent the AD Board for a day, a week, a month, or a customized period.
  • The price of the rental is configurable and you can set how many pay buttons will be available when the client chooses to pay the AD Board.
  • You can choose to give refunds when the tenants terminate early their rentals.
  • You can choose whether the tenants will be able to extend the rental by paying again the AD Board.
  • The notifications about the new rentals and the expiries can be enabled and disabled.
  • It is possible to reserve the AD Board for an avatar or a group.
  • The AD Board can create a slideshow to display all the pictures loaded by the tenant.
  • If the tenants don’t load any texture, the AD Board can automatically display their profile picture.
  • You can set how many textures, notecards, landmarks and objects the AD Board will be able to receive from the tenant.
  • A sound can be loaded by the tenant: it will be played when someone clicks on the AD Board.
  •  The wallpaper of the AD Board can be customized, to match your style.
  • The AD Board accepts up to 5 managers: they will be able to inspect the contents of the advertisement, terminate the rental, give bonus time to the tenants and receive a percentage of the rental fees.
  • Plugins available, to customize the device and add new features.

Manual & Resources

  1. Rez the AD Board;
  2. Edit the configuration notecard in the content of the Board (read well the included instructions and set the configuration parameters as you prefer);
  3. Edit the InfoCard by adding some info about the rental and your policy*;
  4. Reset the AD Board and grant the permission to handle your money**;
  5. Copy your Board every time you want it and grant the permission to each copy. Done!

* Read more about the InfoCard in the following paragraph “InfoCard”.

** For more information, see below the paragraph “About the request to take money from the owner” .

The InfoCard is a notecard that is dispensed through the touch menu to the potential renters. It may be used to encourage people to rent your AD Board and to give useful info about the rental, such as the maximum duration, the fees, etc. You can also include your policy.

It is possible to rename the InfoCard through the Configuration notecard. You can also remove the InfoCard from the content of the AD Board, if you don’t want to give it.

From v 5.0, the classic User Guide notecard was replaced by a web page.
The tenants will be invited by their AD Boards to read the User Guide by following a URL.

View the User Guide of the AD Board >

The OPTIONS menu can only be seen by the owner of the device.
The buttons of the menu may be different, depending on the configuration of the AD Board and its status. Here is a list of the options you can find in the menu.

  • Add time: this button can be used to add days to the current rental.
  • End rental: this button is used to terminate the current rental. A refund will be given to the tenant for the unused time indipendently from the configuration of the AD Board (the REFUND_ALLOWED parameter in the configuration notecard refers to the decision of the tenant to terminate the rental).
  • Help: Gives contacts and the manual of the device.
  • Info: Displays info about the current rental or about the last rental if the AD Board is not rented.
  • Inspect: Gives the owner a folder with the contents of the advertisement.
  • Lock: Nobody will be able to rent the AD Board. If the board is already rented, the tenant won’t be able to extend or renew the rental.
  • Rent: Starts a new rental for the owner, without the need to pay the AD Board.
  • Reserve: Allows the owner to reserve the AD Board for someone, but the rental won’t start until the AD Board is paid.
  • Reset: Restarts all the scripts. The current rental will be terminated without refund, the data about the last rental will be lost and the contents of the advertisement will be deleted. Most problems of the scripts will be solved.
  • Set tenant: Allows the owner to start a new rental for someone else, without having to pay the device.
  • Size: Allows to select one of the 4 preset sizes (S, M, L, XL).
  • Update: Looks for a new release of the AD Board.

From v 4.3, some rarely used configuration parameters have been removed from the configuration notecard inside the AD Board: removing them helps finding the other important parameters and makes faster the initialization of the AD Board.
Even if these parameters are not included in the default configuration notecard, you can add them by copying and pasting one or more of them in your configuration notecard.

FOLDER: if set to YES, the items loaded by the advertiser will be included into a folder before being sent to the people who click on the AD Board. If set to NO, the items of the advertisement won’t be included into a folder. [Default value = YES]

CONTENT_RESTRICTION: write ANYONE if anyone will be allowed to click on the AD Board and get the contents loaded by its tenant. Write GROUP to restrict the content to the group the AD Board is set to. [Default value = ANYONE]

ITEMS_LIMIT: write a number between 1 and 20 to set a limit to the amount of items the tenant can load into the AD Board. [Default value = 20]

TEXTURES_LIMIT, NOTECARDS_LIMIT, LANDMARKS_LIMIT, OBJECTS_LIMIT: write a number between 0 and 20 to set a limit to the amount of items the tenant can load into the AD Board. In any case, the tenant won’t be able to load in total more items than the amount set with items_limit. [Default values = 20]

SOUNDS_LIMIT: write 1 to allow the tenant to load a sound that is played every time someone clicks on the AD Board. Otherwise write 0. [Default value = 1]

SLIDESHOW_TIMER: this indicates (in seconds) how often the AD Board will change the displayed image (if the tenant has loaded more than one picture). Write a number between 10 and 600. [Default value = 30]

SOCIAL_PLUGIN: write YES to allow the tenants to use their Social HUD to display on the AD Board up to 4 icons and links to social networks. Write NO to prevent it. If set to ‘no’, an icon will be displayed on the AD Board while unrented, to let people know they won’t be able to use the Social HUD. [Default value = YES]

All the plugins for ‘The Excellent’ AD Board come with detailed installation and configuration instructions.

Attention: All the plug-ins compatible with ‘The Excellent’ AD Board are sold by Seedro Lowey. Never ever drop any other script sold by other creators inside the Board, since they can be used to steal your money or break the device!

Status changer
The Status changer is a plugin that allows the owner of the AD Board to change the style of the status indicator. It comes with some preinstalled new styles, but this plug-in makes it possible to use your customized designs!

Social HUD
The Social HUD is a plugin that does not need to be installed into the AD Board. It’s a HUD, used directly by the tenants, to display on the advertisement one or more icons with a direct link to SL groups, websites or social network profiles.

Group inviters
The Excellent AD Board currently supports two group inviter plugins powered by ApexBots and SmartBots. They allow to send to the tenants of the AD Boards automatic direct invitations to your group, even if it is not open-enrollment.

Why does the AD Board, during its initialization, ask you to grant the permission to take money from your account?

The alert you get is generated by the viewer and it may be more or less worrying, depending on the software you’re using to connect to Second Life. It is intended to inform you that the device will be able to manage the money in your account and you should grant the permission only if you trust the source.

The AD Board asks this permission because it may need to split the rental fees with your partners, give refunds when needed etc. Don’t worry: the device will never take your own money.

For more info, you can also read this post.

v 5.1.1

  • Solves a bug that displayed the “busy” status when selecting the option to completely hide the indicator.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

v 5.1

  • Introduces the passepartout: you can now display a white frame around the main picture and the status indicator won’t cover the advertisement.
  • Performances improved.

v 5.0.2

  • Solves a bug that prevented the profile pics from being displayed when the parameter #PROFILE_PIC was set to YES.
  • This version includes some improvements to the configuration notecard.
  • The Auto Upgrader has been improved.

v 5.0.1

  • Fixes a bug that caused the status indicator to get stuck on the ‘Online’ status when PROFILE_PIC was enabled and no texture was loaded inside the Board.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented the User Guide from being displayed to the tenants.
  • Adds notifications about the items being loaded into the board.
  • Improves the stability and the security of the system.

v 5.0

  • Brand new design! The Excellent AD Board is now a mesh with a more defined shape, without increasing the prim count!
  • The status bar is ancient history! Now the AD Board has an integrated status indicator that can be enabled and disabled.
  • The structure of the script was completely redesigned to make the device more performing.
  • The rental of the AD Board can now be extended not only by the tenant, but also by his/her friends.
  • The tenant can change the name of the folder that the AD Board gives with the contents of the advertisement.
  • The owner can allow the tenant to be late with the payments.
  • The limit of textures, notecards, landmarks and objects that can be loaded inside the Board has been increased from 5 to 20. The owner can also set a global limit of items that the tenant can load.
  • The AD Board can now be set to automatically display the profile picture of the advertiser, if no texture is loaded.
  • The Social Plugin has been redesigned: the tenants can display social icons on the advertisement, through the Social Hud they can buy separately.
  • The old Hud plugin and Social plugins have been dismissed and they are no more compatible with the AD Board.
  • New Status Changer Plugin available.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Global improvements.

v 4.5

  • The AD Board can now be taken into inventory and rezzed again without losing the info about the current rental.
  • A bug that involved the split of the money has been solved.
  • New plugin (sold separately)! Your bot from ApexBots can now be connected to your AD Board, to greet and invite the tenant to join your group.
  • Little bugs fixed.

v 4.4.2

  • Solved a bug that caused some problems in the communication system between the AD Board and “The Excellent Server” (Requires to update also the Server).

v 4.4.1

  • This release solves a bug that causes a security problem and prevents attacks from hackers that load unauthorized items into the rented boards.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

v 4.4

  • New feature: The owner and the managers can load contents into the AD Boards rented by other avatars.
  • New feature: It is now possible to set restrictions to the contents of the AD Board, so that only the owner or the group members can click on them to see what the tenant loaded.
  • New feature: The reserved AD Boards can now be unreserved through the menu, without resetting the script.
  • New feature: The AD Boards will communicate with ‘The Excellent’ Server, to automatically create and recreate a list of the tenants.
  • New feature: The InfoCard and the UserGuide notecards can be renamed by changing the second part of their names (after the dash).
  • New feature: If the group inviter plugin is installed, the tenant will be allowed to get a new invitation to the group, thanks to the new “join group” button.
  • Bug fix: The slideshow will not stop when the tenant chooses to appear always offline in the status bar.
  • The Emailer plugin has been discontinued and is no more supported.

v 4.3.2

  • Bug fix: The Social Plugin is now rezzed in the right position even when used with customized dimension of the AD Board with status bar.
  • Bug fix: restored the function that automatically checks for updates when a new board is rezzed.

v 4.3.1:

  • Improved the compatibility of the AD Board with the
  • “Social Plugin” and the “Group Inviter Plugin”.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

v 4.3

(This is a recommended update! The next updates will be installed completely automatically with no need for the owner to intervene, thanks to a new structure of the scripts and an improved compatibility with Magic Updater).

  • New feature: The AD Boards say a short list with the names of the last people who clicked on it.
  • New feature: from this version, the owner can install the “Social Plugin” and the “Hud Plugin” in addition to the “SmartBots Plugin” and the “Emailer plugin”.
  • New feature: the owner can customize the textures of the status bar.
  • Some configuration parameters have been hidden from the configuration notecard (see the Readme notecard).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the status bar to turn red for some seconds after the start of a new rental.
  • Minor bugs and mistakes fixed.

v 4.2

  • New feature: The owner can now set the AD Board to include the items of the advertisement in a folder or to give them in bulk.
  • Bug fix: the possibility to get the “missing script” issue in laggy sims has been drastically reduced.
  • Added compatibility with plugins, including the plugin to connect the AD Board with your bot from SmartBots, so that the Board can invite the tenants to your group, even if it’s not open-enrollment. Plugins are available at LOW Industries stores.
  • Minor bugs and mistakes fixed.

v 4.1

  • Changed the structure of the scripts: the AD Board now has 5 scripts instead of 6. Less lag produced.
  • New feature: After the end of a rental, the AD Board reloads its configuration only if it was changed.
  • New feature: The owner and the managers can set the tenant of the AD Boards and start his rental.
  • New feature: Managers can use the ‘Manage’ menu also when the Board is unrented.
  • New feature: ‘Unlock’ option available in the menu of locked Boards.
  • New feature: The InfoCard can now be renamed.
  • Minor bugs and mistakes fixed.

v 4.0.1

  • Upgraded feature: enhanced resistance against the lag, so the status bar will no more display the ‘for rent’ texture even if the Board is rented.

v 4.0

  • Changed the structure of the scripts: now the AD Board disables the scripts when they are unused. This causes less lag produced, especially when the board is unrented.
  • Bug fix: In some rare cases, especially in laggy lands, a math error occurred, causing the AD Boards to extend indefinitely the rental periods when the tenant tried to extend his rent. This bug has been completely solved.
  • Bug fix: Now the AD Board asks to be restarted only if the configuration notecard is changed, and not when the owner changes other elements in its content.
  • New function: The owner will be able to upgrade to the future versions both unrented and rented Boards without replacing them one by one.
  • New function: The owner can now set the maximum duration of the rental that can be paid in advance by the tenant (‘max_duration’ in the configuration card).
  • New function: The owner can now disable the function to dispense the InfoCard through the touch-menu.
  • New function: If the AD Board is reserved for the group members and the group is open, the clients will get a link to join the group.
  • New Function: When the AD Board is rented, the button ‘Info’ will show also when the rental started.
  • Function removed: ‘allow_extend_rental’ has been removed from the configuration card because it was replaced by ‘max_duration’.
  • Function removed: ‘pay_buttons’ has been removed from the configuration card because it was replaced by ‘max_duration’.
  • Minor bugs and mistakes fixed.
  • Minor changes to the guides.

v 3.2.1

  • Bug fix: The links sent by the AD Board when it is rented and when it is clicked can now be used also by the users of the ‘old-style’ viewer.
  • Minor bugs and mistakes fixed.

v 3.2

  • Bug fix: Now the board can be set to be rentable only by the members of the group even if its rental cost is set to 0 L$.
  • Bug fix : Now, when disabled, the board asks the permission to handle money only if touched by the owner (the touch of other people will not cause the board to ask permission to the owner).
  • Bug fix: Improved the loading of default configuration when the parameters are deleted from the configuration notecard.
  • Bug fix: When the scripts are reset, the Board doesn’t restore his size and rotation.
  • New function: If the tenant loads only one item to give, the board will give it to the clicker, without including it in a folder.
  • New function: Now also the owner can touch an unrented board to see the main dialog box with info on the rental.
  • New function: Reserving an AD Board and loading a group or a website is now easier thanks to the implementation of the new “textbox”.
  • Global improvements to notecard-reading process.
  • Minor changes to the menu system.
  • Minor changes to the configuration file.
  • Minor changes to the guides.

v 3.1

  • New option available in the store: ‘The Excellent’ AD Board now comes with and without status bar.
  • Function removed: Scan_status_timer has been deleted from the configuration notecard to make the two version of the board (with and without status bar) completely compatible and configurable with the same notecard.
  • New function: Tenants can turn off the notifications sent by their board when it is touched.
  • New function: The AD Board displays a floating text when loading its configuration and if stuck in disabled mode because of an error.
  • Minor changes to the guides.

v 3.0

  • Changed the structure of the Core script. Now it has more free space, so the board is less laggy and faster on the startup.
  • The “Error Checker” script has been replaced with a more powerful script named “Notecard Reader”.
  • New function: If the owner allows it, the tenant can load his own website, so that those who will click on the board will be able to visit it.
  • Bug fix: If the split_keys are deleted from the configuration notecard, the AD Board won’t crash.
  • Minor changes to the InfoCard, to the UserGuide and to the texts displayed in chat by the board.
  • Minor bugs and mistakes fixed.

v 2.3

  • New function: If the owner allows it, the tenant can load his own group, so that those who will click on the Board will see a link in chat history to open its profile and join it.
  • Minor changes to the InfoCard, to the UserGuide and to the texts displayed in chat by the board.

v 2.2

  • Bug fix: When permission to handle money is denied the script doesn’t crash.
  • Minor bugs and mistakes fixed.
  • Update server enhanced.

v 2.1

  • New Function: The owner (and the managers of the board) can add bonus time to the rental of their clients.
  • Minor bugs and mistakes fixed.

v 2.0:

  • New Function: The AD Board is now compatible with ‘The Excellent Server’ by LOW Industries.
  • New Function: The clients can touch the AD Board to get a dialog box with the most important information about it and to take the InfoCard.
  • Upgraded Function: Now, if rent_cost is set to 0, the client can start and extend his rental without paying the panel.
  • New Function: Now it is possible to delete the unused configuration values from the configuration-card in order to make the initialization faster.
  • Bug fix: If there is more than one error in the configuration-card, the AD Board says in chat all the correction it needs and not only the first one it finds.

v 1.0

  • First version for sale.