LOW Industries

Gacha plugin
for "The Super" vendor

Makes the shopping fun!

Gacha mechanics have been banned from Second Life by Linden Lab. This plugin is no more available. Read more >

LOW Industries - Gacha Plugin for 'The Super' Vendor


  • The plugin allows you to use ‘The Super’ Vendor as a Gacha machine: when the plugin is installed and enabled, the Vendor randomly chooses an item in its inventory and gives it to the buyer.
  • The plugin can handle up to 4 different levels of rarity for the items: common, uncommon, rare, epic.
  • You can change the chance to win the objects of each level of rarity.

Manual & Resources

  1. Install and configure ‘The Super’ Vendor by setting #GACHA = YES in its configuration notecard;
  2. Drop the script of the Gacha plugin into the Vendor;
  3. Optional*: drop the configuration notecard of the Gacha plugin into the Vendor, then open and edit the parameters;
  4. Reset the Vendor.

Done! Whenever the Vendor is paid, it randomly chooses an item as follows, and delivers it to the buyer:

  • If you set #DELIVERY_SERVER = NO in the main configuration notecard, the items to send must be placed into the Vendor.
  • If you set #DELIVERY_SERVER = YES, the items to send must be placed into the Delivery Server.

* You can skip the step 3 of the above installation guide if you set #DELIVERY_SERVER = NO in the configuration notecard of the Vendor. If you skip it, all the items into the Vendor have the same probability to be given to the buyer by the Gacha plugin.

v 2.0

  • The Gacha plugin can now be configured through its own confguration notecard.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a problem with the delivery of the items.

v 1.1

  • Adds compatibility with ‘The Super’ Vendor 2.0

v 1.0

  • First version for sale.