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LOW Industries

Goodbye Gacha! :'(

    Linden Lab decided to change the TOS of Second Life and their policy about the gacha machines: vendors that use any kind of gacha mechanics will be banned entirely, starting September 1, 2021.

    We have already dismissed our “Gacha plugin for ‘The Super’ Vendor” and everyone else should stop using it, like any other vendors and devices (even from other brands) that use gacha mechanics.

    Note: ‘The Super’ Vendor and any other plugins for ‘The Super’ Selling System will keep working and are still perfectly in accordance with the TOS of Second Life! You simply can’t use the Gacha plugin.

    If you need more details about the new gacha policy, you can refer to the official blog post by Linden Lab, and to this thread on the official forum.

    LOW Industries - Gacha Plugin for 'The Super' Vendor