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LOW Industries

How to use ‘The Super’ Vendor to sell your products to the group members at a lower price

    ‘The Super’ Vendor is the device that allows you to sell your products inworld.
    You can set it so that group members can buy your creations at a discounted price.

    Open the configuration notecard of the Vendor and look for the following parameters:

    • PRICE = 20

    PRICE is the cost of your product. If you set PRICE = 100, people will need to pay L$100 to buy it.

    GROUP_PRICE is the price paid by group members to buy the product. If you leave GROUP_PRICE = SAME, group members will need to pay the same amount of everyone else, but you could set a lower amount, for example GROUP_PRICE = 80: in this case, while everyone will need to pay L$100, group members will be able to get the product by paying the Vendor only L$80.

    Note: To properly set your Vendor, you have to assign it to your group.