LOW Industries

Status changer plugin for
"The Excellent" AD Board

Six status, eighteen beautiful handmade textures, infinite customizations!
LOW Industries - The Excellent AD Board status changer plugin


  • Allows the owner of ‘The Excellent’ AD Baord to change the appearance of its status indicator.
  • The plugin comes with 6 pre-made themes.
  • Each pre-made theme contains a texture for the online, the offline and the busy status.
  • The owner can use his/her own textures to create a fully customized theme for the status indicator!

Manual & Resources

  1. Right click on ‘The Excellent’ AD Board, then choose Edit and open the “Content” tab, to see the scripts inside the AD Board;
  2. Select the script of the Status changer plugin in your inventory, then drag and drop it onto the Content tab of your AD Board;
  3. Copy the following lines and paste them wherever you want in the Configuration notecard of your AD Board:

STATUS_TEXTURES: Write a number from 1 to 6 to use the pre-installed status indicators for the online, offline and busy status. Write 0 to use the default status indicator. Write the UUID key of your customized texture to use it as a status indicator. [Default values = 0]

  1. Edit the configuration parameters you added, then save the notecard and restart the AD Board.
  • Your customized textures must have transparent areas: use the .png format when saving them, or the status indicator will hide the advertisement.
  • The customized textures should be square. It’s recommended to make them 512×512 or 1024×1024 px.
  • The customized status indicator can include some special effects, such as the shadows of the frame or light reflexes.
  • You can also edit the texture used for the ‘hidden’ status indicator. Just add the following parameter to your configuration notecard, then replace 0 with the UUID key of your texture. This parameter is not affected by the pre-installed themes.


v 1.0

  • First version for sale.