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LOW Industries

“The Mighty” Teleporter – User Guide

    LOW Industries - The Mighty Teleporter

    This guide helps the final users of ‘The Mighty’ Teleporter to use the device.

    Choose a Destination

    To choose your Destination, click on a Gateway Teleporter (the Teleporter with a light circle near the white frame).

    If there are several Destinations available through the same Gateway Teleporter, you’ll get a pop-up menu to choose where you want to go.

    If a Destination is rented, you’ll see its name marked with a đŸ›‡. If you are the tenant of that Destination, you’ll be able to use the Teleporter to reach your private area.

    Simply teleport

    If you choose a Destination that can’t be rented, you can simply teleport to it by clicking the “Teleport” button.

    If it’s required to pay a fee to teleport, you have to click on the yellow light and pay the requested amount. Once you pay it, the light turns green and you’ll be able to teleport by simply clicking on the light.

    Start a rental

    If you choose a Destination that can be rented, you can click on the “Rent” button to enable the payment mode: the light of the Gateway Teleporter turn yellow and you have to pay one of the requested amounts.

    Once you pay the Teleporter, the light turns green and you’ll be able to teleport by simply clicking on the light.

    If the Destination can be rented for free, you can click on the “Free rental…” button to choose the duration of your rental.

    Manage the rental

    Once your rental is active, you can manage it by clicking on the Destination Teleporter (or on the Gateway Teleporter, then selecting the name of your Destination). You’ll get a menu that allows you to:

    • “Teleport”: this button allows you to go from the Destination to the Gateway, and vice versa.
    • “End rental”: click on this button if you wish to terminate your rental.
    • “Extend…”: if you need more time, you can extend your rental by clicking on this button. You may be required to pay the Teleporter.

    Security options

    If the Teleport is connected to ‘The Sly’ Security System, the Destination area is constantly scanned to eject the intruders.

    If you want to take with you to the Destination area some guests (if it’s allowed to take guests), they can use the Teleporter after you start the rental. The Security System will understand they are your guests and they won’t be ejected.

    If the owner of the system allows it, you’ll be allowed to create a white list (a list of never ejected people) and a black list (a list of always ejected people). You can do that by clicking on the Security Cam and selecting the buttons “White list” and “Black list”.


    If the Teleport is connected to ‘The Magic’ Rezzer, a scene (like a building, a skybox etc.) is rezzed right after you pay the Teleporter or when you arrive at the Destination area.

    If the owner of the system allows it, you’ll be able to click on the Rezzer to rez and delete the scene. If more than one scene is available, you’ll be also able to select the scene you prefer.