LOW Industries

"The Super" Cashier

To quickly manage the vendors in your store
LOW Industries - The Super Cashier


  • ‘The Super’ Cashier is a device that allows you to quickly change the most important configuration parameters of your Vendors.
  • It can change the prices of all your vendors together, or to a selection of them.
  • It can set a discount for all your vendors or for a selection of them.
  • It can change the preview texture of your vendors.
  • You can create timed events! Eg: You can configure the Cashier to start a discount tomorrow and terminate it in a week, to enable the use of gift card for a month, to change all the preview textures for a day… etc.!


'The Super' Casier only works with 'The Super' Vendor. It can not be used as a standalone.

Manual & Resources

  1. Rez the Cashier anywhere within the same sim where you placed ‘The Super’ Vendors you want it to be connected to;
  2. Open the configuration notecard in the content of the Cashier and look for the parameter #CASHIER_KEY;
  3. Set the #CASHIER_KEY to a 6 digits number of your choice (for esample set it to #CASHIER_KEY = 123456);
  4. Save the notecard and wait until the end of the initialization.
  5. Open the configuration notecard of the Vendors you want to connect to the Cashier;
  6. Look for the same parameter named #CASHIER_KEY and set it to the same 6 digits number you chose in the previous steps.
  7. Save the notecard and let your Vendors initialize.

Done! Your Vendors are now connected to the Cashier!

When you click on the Cashier you get a menu that allows to change the parameters of your Vendors:

  • Price
  • Group price
  • Discount
  • Gift card
  • Preview texture

Click on one of them to start configuring the parameter!
Every action can be performed on all the connected Vendors, or on a selection of Vendors.
You can select the Vendors:

  • By name
  • By current price
  • By current discount

For example, you can:

  • Change the price of all the Vendors named “My Vendor”;
  • Apply a discount of 50% to the vendors whose current price is set to L$100;
  • Set a special preview image for all the vendors whose current discount is set to 20%…

And so on!

Once the action is configured, you can make it effective immediately, but you can also select a start date.

v 1.1

  • New shape!
  • Adds compatibility with ‘The Super’ Vendor v 2.0.

v 1.0

  • First version for sale.