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LOW Industries

The Tip-o-meter

Collects the tips and displays the progress in achieving the goal
LOW Industries - The Tip-o-Meter


  • The Tip-o-Meter is a special tip jar: you can set a donation goal and it displays the progress in a thermometer-like counter, which will be filled up with colored liquid after each donation.
  • The goal can be set to any amount.
  • The Tip-o-Meter can be set to display with floating text the amount of the donations received, the name of the last donor and the amount of the last tip.
  • If more than one copy of the Tip-o-Meter are installed in the same Region, they can be synchronized, so that all the donations will contribute to reach the goal.
  • The owner can set a timer (in days) to automatically reset the count of the donations.
  • The Tip-o-Meter can be set to do particle-fireworks (with sound) when the goal is achieved (fireworks use 2 prims for about 15 seconds).
  • The color of the liquid inside the Tip-o-Meter can be changed.
  • The Tip-o-Meter accepts up to 5 managers that will be able to set the goal and restart the counter.
  • The owner can split the tips with the managers (each manager can get a different percentage).
  • The Tip-o-Meter can be set to send notifications to the owner about the donations received, and to say a customized message to thank the donors.
  • Comes with a fullperm template of the background: you can save and edit it, to add your own logo and graphics.
  • Compatible with ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jars (all versions): The Tip Jars can be connected to the Tip-o-Meter so that all the tips help to reach the goal.
  • Compatible with the Data Bank of ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar.

Manual & Resources

  1. Rez the Tip-o-Meter;
  2. Edit the configuration notecard in the content of the Tip-o-Meter (read well the descriptions of the configuration parameters and set their values as you prefer);
  3. Grant the permission 
  4. (Optional) Edit the configuration notecard of each Tip Jar you want to link to the Tip-o-Meter and set the parameter ‘TIPOMETER’ to YES. Done!

NOTE: The Tip-o-Meter works with all the last versions of ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar (free versions included).

Why does the Tip-o-Meter ask you to grant the permission to take money from your account?

The alert you get is generated by the viewer and it may be more or less worrying, depending on the software you’re using to connect to Second Life. It is intended to inform you that the device will be able to manage the money in your account and you should grant the permission only if you trust the source.

Due to a basic rule of Second Life, when an object is paid, money are credited to the account of its owner. Then, if you configure the Tip-o-Meter to split the tips with your partners, the device gives them the money by taking a percentage of the tip from your account.
Don’t worry: the Tip-o-Meter will not use your own money, it just takes from your balance a percentage of the tips.

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v 2.0

  • New mesh body! The Tip-o-Meter now uses only 2 prims instead of 6 prims.
  • The Tip-o-Meter now accepts up to 5 managers that are able to change the goal and restart the counter.
  • The Tip-o-Meter can now be connected to the Data Bank for ‘The Excellent’ Tip Jar.
  • The floating text of the Tip-o-Meter is now more customizable.
  • The particle effect played at the goal has been replaced with more advanced particle-fireworks with sound effects.
  • It is now required to grant the debit permission only if the tips will be split with the managers.
  • The updating process of the device, the menus, the global security and the performances of the scripts have been improved.

v. 1.0.2

  • Bug fix: the Tip-o-Meter can now be scaled with-
    out breaking the donation bar.
  • Various improvements to the script.

v. 1.0.1

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements to the scripts.

v 1.0

  • First version for sale.