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LOW Industries

Basic configuration of “The Super” Vendor (without plugins)

    ‘The Super’ Vendor is (almost) ready to be used to sell your creations! You don’t need any plugins, other devices or scripting skills.

    Here is how to start selling your products with ‘The Super’ Vendor:

    • Rez the Vendor.
    • Right click on it and choose “Edit”.
    • While in edit mode, open the “Contents” tab.
    • Drop onto the “Contents” tab the product you want to sell. *
    • Now double click on the #CONFIGURATION notecard and set the configuration parameters as you prefer. You should at least set the OBJECT_NAME and the PRICE parameters.
    • When you are ready, save the notecard and Reset the Vendor when it asks you to do it.
    • Grant the permission to manage your money. **
    • When the initialization is complete, the Vendor is ready to sell your product!

    * Each product can be made of several items (objects, notecards, landmarks and so on). If you drop more than 1 item into the “Content” tab, they will sold together as part of your product. If you wish to sell several products, you have to use more Vendors.

    NOTE: Be careful with the permissions: check twice if you set properly the permissions of your creations for the next owner!

    ** Read this post if you need to know more about this permission!


    Read this guide with another video tutorial, to learn how to create a redelivery system with ‘The Super’ Vendor!