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Installing a redelivery system with ‘The Super’ Selling System

    To create a redelivery system for your store, all you need is:

    Read this guide to learn the difference between ‘The Super’ Delivery Server and ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal.

    Read this guide with another videotutorial if you just need to learn the basics on how to configure ‘The Super’ Vendor, without any plugins.

    Here is what you have to do to install and configure the redelivery system (video tutorial below):

    1. Set the #PRODUCT_NAME parameter in the configuration of ‘The Super’ Vendor. *
    2. Set #DELIVERY_SERVER = YES and #REDELIVERY = YES in the configuration notecard of the Vendor.
    3. Drop the object you want to sell into ‘The Super’ Delivery Server. The name of the object must match the #PRODUCT_NAME you chose in step 1.
    4. Test the system by buying the object through the vendor.
    5. Now click on ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal and follow the link to the web interface, where you’ll be able to select the item to redeliver.

    * The #PRODUCT_NAME must match the name of the item being sold.
    Alternatively, you can set #PRODUCT_NAME = NONE and give the Vendor the same name of the product you want to sell.

    ATTENTION: You have to keep rezzed inworld at least one copy of ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal. If you delete all the Redelivery Terminals, your data are automatically and irreversibly deleted after 3 days and your clients won’t be able to redeliver their previously purchased products.

    The following video shows how to set up a redelivery system for your store: