LOW Industries

"The Super"
Redelivery Terminal

Your store simply needs it
LOW Industries - The Super Redelivery Terminal


  • Just rez it wherever you want. It’s ready to use!
  • It automatically connects to all your Delivery Servers and allows your clients to get redeliveries of their purchases.
  • Buyers click on the device to be redirected to an easy-to-use web interface, to choose which product they want redelivered.
  • You can rez as many copies of the Redelivery Terminal as you want, even in different regions.
  • The Redelivery Terminal also gives you access to a Dashboard with data and statistics about your sales.
  • You can set up to 5 store managers, who can access the Dashboard and redeliver the products to your clients.
  • Title of the web interfaces can be changed to the name of your brand.


'The Super' Redelivery Terminal needs to be paired with 'The Super' Delivery Server and at least a copy of 'The Super' Vendor. It can not be used as a standalone.

Manual & Resources

Just rez ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal wherever you want. It’s ready to use*!

Note that ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal automatically connects to your ‘The Super’ Delivery Server to redeliver your products. You have to configure the Delivery Server to make the system work. You don’t have to rez the Redelivery Terminal in the same region of your Delivery Server.

ATTENTION: You have to keep rezzed inworld at least one copy of ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal. If you delete all the Redelivery Terminals, your data are automatically and irreversibly deleted after 3 days and your clients won’t be able to redeliver their previously purchased products.

Only the products purchased after the first installation of ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal can be redelivered.

* Optional parameters can be configured through the configuration notecard inside the device.

To get a redelivery of a previously purchased product, the client has to:

  • Click on the Redelivery Terminal;
  • Select, through the web interface, the product to redeliver.

‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal also gives you access to a Dashboard with data and statistics about your sales.

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v 1.2

  • Removes the security warning displayed by some browsers, when someone asks for a redelivery.

v 1.1

  • Introduces the Dashboard! A web page for the seller, to check the sales, redeliver the products, generate charts.

v 1.0

  • First version for sale.