LOW Industries

"The Super" Delivery Server

To store in a safe place and deliver all the products you sell
LOW Industries - The Super Delivery Terminal


  • Keeps in a safe place all the products you sell.
  • ‘The Super’ Vendors in your stores can be used to sell the products inside the Delivery Server. Replacing an item inside the Delivery Server updates all the Vendors in the Second Life grid, even in different Regions.
  • The Delivery Server is essential to make a redelivery system: it’s used by ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal to redeliver the products.
  • It’s possible to use more than one Delivery Server, to keep organized different kinds of products.
  • The Delivery Server can be configured to send an email to the seller, every time a product is delivered.


'The Super' Delivery Server requires at least a copy of 'The Super' Vendor. It can't be used as a standalone.

Manual & Resources

  1.  Rez ‘The Super’ Delivery Server and edit the parameters in its configuration notecard;
  2. Drop into the Delivery Server all the products you want to sell. If a product is made of two or more items, pack them in a box, then drop the box into the Delivery Server;
  3. Rez ‘The Super’ Vendor and edit the parameters in its configuration notecard. In particular:
    • Choose a product name that matches with the name of a product in the content of the Delivery Server*;
  4. Done! Repeat step 3 for each Vendor you want to use with the Delivery Server.

* There are different ways to match the names of the product being sold with the products inside the Delivery Server. Read more in the paragraph below.

Setting the proper names to the products is important to create a working connection between ‘The Super’ Vendors and ‘The Super’ Delivery Server.
As explained in the configuration notecard of ‘The Super’ Vendor, the name of the product you sell can be set in two ways:
  1. You can define it directly through the #PRODUCT_NAME parameter, in the configuration notecard of the Vendor (e.g. #PRODUCT_NAME  = ‘The Excellent’ AD Board);
  2. You can set #PRODUCT_NAME = NONE in the configuration notecard of the Vendor. In this case, the name of the product you sell will be the same name you give to the prim of the Vendor (while in “edit mode”).
To make life easier, ‘The Super’ Delivery Server also offers the PERFECT_MATCH parameter:
  • If #PERFECT_MATCH = YES, the Server delivers an item in its content whose name perfectly matches with the product name defined through the Vendor. The search is case sensitive.
  • If #PERFECT_MATCH = NO, the Server performs an intelligent search and delivers the first item, in alphabetical order, whose name starts with the product name defined through the Vendor. The search is also case insensitive.

Let’s say ‘The Super’ Vendor is configured to sell a product named “‘The Excellent’ AD Board” and PERFECT_MATCH is set to NO.
If ‘The Super’ Delivery Server does not find an item whose name perfectly matches the product name, it delivers, for instance, “‘The Excellent’ AD Board – v 5.0” or “‘The Excellent’ AD Board [BOXED]” or “‘THE EXCELLENT’ AD BOARD” (even if written with capital letters). If these three products are together inside the Server, the system delivers the first of them in alphabetical order: “‘THE EXCELLENT’ AD BOARD”.
An item named “
Plug-in for ‘The Excellent’ AD Board” won’t be delivered because it does not start with the product name set through ‘The Super’ Vendor.

To build a complete redelivery system, you also need ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal.

  1. Configure ‘The Super’ Delivery Server and connect it to your Vendors, as explained above;
  2. Rez ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal in a place where your clients will be able to easily find it.

By clicking on the Redelivery Terminal, the buyers will be able to open a web interface and select the item they want redelivered. The Delivery Server will automatically deliver it!

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You can use the Blacklist plugin (sold separately) to create a list of people who won’t be allowed to purchase and redeliver your products.
Find more about the Blacklist plugin by reading its manual.

Attention: All the plug-ins compatible with ‘The Super’ Delivery Server are sold by Seedro Lowey. Do not drop any other script made by other creators inside the Delivery Server: they can be used to steal your creations and break the device.

The message “Unable to complete the transaction” is displayed when the Vendor is connected to the Delivery Server (#DELIVERY_SERVER is set to YES in the configuration notecard of the Vendor) but there is no product inside the Server whose name matches the #PRODUCT_NAME set in the Vendor.
More specifically, if you set “#PRODUCT_NAME = Object” in the configuration of the Vendor (or if #PRODUCT_NAME is set to NONE and the Vendor is named “Object”), there must be a product named “Object” inside the Delivery Server.
Here is a videotutorial that shows how to properly configure the system.

v 1.1

  • New feature: The Delivery Server can send a bonus item in its inventory (like a landmark, a notecard, a gift card etc.), after every purchase.
  • The Delivery Server now supports the ‘Blacklist plugin’!

v 1.0

  • First version for sale.