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What’s the difference between ‘The Super’ Delivery Server and ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal?

    LOW Industries - The Super Delivery Server and Redelivery Terminal
    ‘The Super’ Delivery Server and ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal

    ‘The Super’ Delivery Server and ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal are two different devices, used together with ‘The Super’ Vendor for different purposes.

    ‘The Super’ Delivery Server is like a warehouse, where you store one copy of each item you sell. Every time someone pays ‘The Super’ Vendor to purchase a product, the Vendor contacts the Delivery Server, that ships the item.
    Several Vendors, even in different Regions, can connect to the same product inside the Delivery Server.
    Editing an object inside the Delivery Server will affect all the Vendors connected to that specific product.

    ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal is a device that stores all the transactions in your shop and gives your clients a web interface they can use to ask for a Redelivery.
    Once the Redelivery is requested by the clients, the product is actually redelivered by ‘The Super’ Delivery Server.

    While ‘The Super’ Delivery Server only needs to be paired with ‘The Super’ Vendor, ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal always need both ‘The Super’ Vendor and ‘The Super’ Delivery Server.

    Read this guide if you wish to learn how to combine ‘The Super’ Delivery Server with ‘The Super’ Redelivery Terminal, to create a redelivery system.